Body Beauty Enhancer Vibrating Pulse Bra Massager

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Body Beauty Enhancer Vibrating Pulse Bra Massager

1. Scientific human engineering design, in accordance with the physiological curve of the chest, suitable for all kinds of adult physique.
2. Apply the principle of physical massage, stimulate the breast, regulate the body’s endocrine and produce breast muscle movement,
and then stimulate the growth of breast fat cells.

3. Far infrared heating, activate the vitality of the breast cells, speed up the blood circulation of the breast.
1. Keep the breasts full, filling.
2. Make sagging breast atrophy and restore elasticity.
3. Has obvious health care effect on prevention of mastitis, mammary gland hyperplasia, breast lumps, etc.
Item type: Electric breast massager
Material: PV
Recommended usage time: 5-15 minutes
Voltage: 220V
Adapter: We will send you an adapter (this is just plug adapter, not the transformer’s adapter) according to your living country.
S :AB Cup
L: C-D cup
(Please choose the one you like)
Package included:
1 X Electric breast massager
1 X Telecontroller power
1 x Inglés use Manual


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