TAKROL HQ-366 Double-Headed Dolphin Massage Hammer

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TAKROL™ HQ-366 Double-Headed Dolphin Massage Hammer

Double head design, larger massage area
New type of grip, no hand fatigue during operation
Eye-catching strong/weak two-step switch, easy to operate
Efficacy: relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness, neuralgia, etc.
Rated voltage: 200-230V
Rated power: 20W
Rated working time: 30 minutes

1. The streamlined individual design is more fashionable;
2. The two-headed powerful pounding and in-depth massage can more effectively relieve discomfort and restore vitality;
3. When working, the two hammer heads are staggered and beaten, which is more suitable for the human body massage effect; the light and convenient uniqueness actually transfers the weight to the hammer, so you only need to gently hold the handle and let the hammer operate with its own weight. You do not need to apply pressure at all to achieve the desired effect;
4. Two-speed massage with strong gear and weak gear, adapting to different needs;
5. Ergonomic design, streamlined handle can easily massage any part of the body

2 reviews for TAKROL HQ-366 Double-Headed Dolphin Massage Hammer


    First of all, it’s very beautiful, it is really comfortable to massage the shoulders.

  2. Soliver

    2 heads design. very nice.

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