TAKROL TKL-019 Meridian Massage Pen

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TAKROL™ TKL-019 Meridian Massage Pen

Product accessories: acupuncture massage pen, equipped with AA batteries, 1 tongjing activating cream, 1 facial energy cream, manual and a meridian probe, the host is equipped with a meridian probe.

Product introduction: This product has three major functions, 1. Physiotherapy function 2. Dysmenorrhea and collateral activation 3. Regulating the body’s immune and nervous system functions

English boxed meridian pen
Packing quantity: 100 PCS
Box gauge: 44 * 41 * 50cm
Product weight: 0.128kg
Single size: 20 * 8.5 * 3CM
Gross weight: 13KG


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