TAKROL CK-W355 Rechargeable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP Tonomter

(20 customer reviews)


*Wrist blood pressure monitor with 2 users mode, 90 memory each
*Big LCD display, easier for you to read the measurements
*With voice broadcast, suitable for the seniors and people in poor vision, can be turn off if no need
*5.3in-7.7 inch wrist cuff suitable for most the people
*Fast reading, you will get readings within 45 seconds.

TAKROL™ CK-W355 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor usb Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff with Big Display, which can record your or your family blood pressure and pulse rate to prevent from irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia, high or low blood pressure etc. This is an smart full automatic blood pressure measuring instrument, it has the characteristics of no undressing measurement, one-key intelligent operation etc.. It is the best choice for you to monitor blood pressure, heart rate at home.

➀ Comfortable, the wrist BP cuff is easy & comfortable to wear
➁ One-button operation, easy to use
➂ Large LCD display, very clear to read the digits
➃ Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery(No Need to Buy Extra Battery!)
➄ Wide range cuff, cleverly designed cuff makes BP monitor easy adjustment for a snug fit from 5.12 ~ 7.68 inches
➅ High capacity memory function, allows storage up to 198 readings(2 users, 99 readings for each user)

* Display: digital LCD display
* Fully Charged Time: about 40 minutes
* Maximum Permissible Errors: ±3mmHg
* Memory Groups: 2user *99 pairs
* Size:6.00 x 3.00 x 7.50 cm / 2.36 x 1.18 x 2.95 inches
* Measurement Wrist Circumference: 13cm~19.5cm
* Inflatable Mode: automatic inflation
* Quick Exhaust Mode:electronic exhaust valve
* Air Leakage Device: deflation valve
* Results Show: high pressure/low pressure/pulse
* Working Voltage: DC 3.7V

➤➤Package List:
*1 x Wrist USB blood pressure monitor;
1 x USB cable;
1 x User manual;
1 x Storage box

✔Measuring time: after getting up/before going to bed.
✔Measurement environment: an environment that makes people feel comfortable.
✔Measuring position: keep the same position for each measurement.
✔Measurement process: relax, quiet, don’t move.


20 reviews for TAKROL CK-W355 Rechargeable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP Tonomter

  1. Maliya

    Looks GOOD

  2. Kalasagar

    Nice gift

  3. Rian Laksono

    Delivery is fast and the product is very good

  4. levani giorgadze

    Very good and well worth it

  5. Jimes Green

    It‘s very nice and convenient to use. It is not an ordinary monitor. It can detect my blood pressure and heart rate, which is amazing.

  6. Peguero

    It looks so beautiful, I like it very much

  7. Vijay Maurya

    Will come again

  8. Sunil Kumaar

    I like it very much

  9. Ebuka Uzoka

    The measurement is accurate and easy to use

  10. Elyer Maldonado


  11. Galory Link

    what’s the price? 100pcs.

  12. AMN

    How do you turn off the voice broadcast? It’s so loud when I use it at work?

    • Jacky

      Check the manul please

  13. ExileS

    Usually use the one at the store or at doctor’s office but, after the stay at home order my doctor suggested I get one for gome use and sumit my readings. After some research I found that a cuff is more accurate and a friend previously bought this exact one. WoW so glad I did at first learning to put the cuff on was a little tricky but, with practice and follow the clear directions included was very easy. Love the BIG numbers, saves my readings because well I’m not great at writing them down I also noticed using at home my numbers were much better being in a relaxed environment love how if your numbers are off it gives you your reading in color codes which was extremely helpful. Honestly I wish I would of purchased sooner made changes to my meds and lifestyle and have zero regrets. Definitely not as intimidating as I initial thought with a little practice of the cuff I’m able to get much better accurate readings without the stress of my doctors office. Lifesaver

  14. Katherine Selin

    As a person who has to monitor minimally 2x a day my machine is essential to me. This beauty is small and nearly weightless making it effortless to handle. It can easily travel with you in it’s bag! My favorite features are the bright colored screens, green for starting and red to indicate higher numbers. The numbers are large and easy to read. The cuff is generous in size to fit anyone. While most monitors are clunky and heavy, this one is light, small and attractive. It has memory for 2 people so your partner can use it as well. Reporting numbers to your healthcare worker is a snap because it has a valuable memory function. Another useful feature is your heart rate measurement. The cuff is a nice light material making it easier to maneuver. I love this machine, it is the best one I have ever owned and I highly recommend it! It is very fairly priced for all the extra features your receive. This machine makes taking your bp so enjoyable that you will compliant with your doctors orders without complaint!

  15. Jacob Seth

    you need to use it properly, there is a technique, look it up online.
    if you are slouching, don’t have your elbow resting in line with the heart, and some other stuff, you will not get an accurate read; but if you do it correctly, you will find out whether or not you have 6 months to live or if you are ok for another 6 months. right now, I seem to be ok for another 6 months despite that my life clock has turned red; but I don’t think I am ready for carousel just yet. maybe I will run. maybe I can outrun a sandman. you wait and see. I can do it! I can do it! I will run!!!!

  16. t3VA4ma0RwpwaI1y2

    It’s work. It’s not to expensive.

  17. Ashley McCann Apostle

    I bought this monitor two months ago

  18. Michele

    this product is awesome. I have an Omron, for many years. one day i saw this product with this feature function. so i thought i’d give it a try, because it is easy to read, awesome product! i highly recommend it!

  19. Valber Luiz

    Very Good item. tks seller

  20. De los Estados Unidos

    Having a family history of heart disease I have a need to keep track of y blood pressure on a regular basis. This unit has a very small footprint which enables me to keep it sitting on the counter in the bathroom and move easily when needed. Paid roughly half of what I would have paid for much more expensive models and in my few spot checks against one of those other more expensive models I have; this unit has given readings at the same pressure as other said unit.

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