TAKROL 012 Mini Portable Electric Eye Massage Pen Eye Care Vibrating Massage Instrument

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The eye massage pen uses ion vibration massage to more effectively remove eye wrinkles, dark circles, and firm the skin around the eyes. Small and beautiful, enjoy personal beauty care at home, in the office, and on the go.

1.Ionic and vibration massage,more effeciently to remove eye eyes.tightening the skin around eyes.
2.Intelligent touch control,no button on this machine.You can enjoy your personal beauty care in your home,office,trips.
3.Mini and ergonomic design,easy to carry in your handbags andconfortable in your hands.
4.High-class gift for ladies.

How to use?
1.Take off protective cap,slide out battery cover and insert 1xAAA battery (not including ).
2.Apply desired eye care cream or essence on wrinkle part around eye or mouth area.
3.Gently massage skin around wrinkle part.Make sure contactling the silver plate sensor when use.This instrument will work automatically once massage head and skin contact.
4.Please clean the massage head with a towel or tissue after use, and put on the cap.

Power supply:DC1.5V, 1xAAA battery (not included)
Power consumption:65mW
Quiescent current:<10uA
Continuous use time:7-8hours
Vibration Frequency:158 times/s


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