TAKROL 3 in1 EMS Electric Pulse Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Training Patch

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Meridian Energy Pen of the acupuncture intensity and detection sensitivity can be adjusted according to users’ personal needs. This rechargeable therapy pen offers cordless and portable using.

1,Multiple mode : 6 modes can be selected.
2,Easy bodybuilding: no diet, no medicine, no liposuction, easy to enjoy.
3,Effective training: EMS bionic micro-current stimulation, allowing the muscles to exercise naturally and achieve exercise.
4,Use effect: use 25 minutes, which is equivalent to completing 300 abdominal movements and 1500 meters long running.
5,Quality service: If you have any questions or questions, please feel free to contact customer service, we will be happy to help you.

1. When using, first install the battery, and then the host buckles the patch, tear off the patch and touch it. The entire patch must be attached to the skin at the same time to form a closed loop (please clean the skin before use)
2. Press the round button. The round button represents two functions. The switch and you must press the enhanced button to work. Press the round button several times to work.
3. Be careful not to get sweat in the patch, the patch is kept clean and more durable.

2 reviews for TAKROL 3 in1 EMS Electric Pulse Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Training Patch

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