TAKROL JSL-T501 Baby Heartbeat Monitor Portable Doppler Fetal

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1. Highly sensitive probe

The probe has high sensitivity, IPX1 waterproof level, waterproof, durable and detachable. It is designed separately outside the fetal heart rate monitor, which is easy to replace, waterproof and durable. The large ultrasonic Doppler probe can transmit the jump of each fetal heart in time. Quick and clear feedback of fetal heartbeat, more comfortable for pregnant women to use.

2. Intelligent noise reduction, clearer fetal heart rate

The product body has a built-in intelligent noise reduction and sound insulation unit, which can effectively reduce noise and make the output clearer.

Intelligent sound insulation unit to reduce weak murmurs such as amniotic fluid flow and intestinal peristalsis

3. Clear sound quality, you can clearly listen to your baby’s heartbeat. The loudspeaker listens to fetal soundShare your baby’s fetal heart sounds with your family

4. The large LCD display makes the reading clearer4.5CM large screen display, so that hot mothers with poor eyesight can also look directly at their fetal heart rate data, which is convenient for reading and more worry-free.

5. Power-saving 60 seconds automatic shutdown

When the instrument is turned on for 60 seconds without any operation, it will shut down without wasting power.

Package include:1*Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitorno with Retail Packaging

Package include:

1.Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

2. Manual

3. Carton



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