TAKROL T-209 Dual Output Tens Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massager

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TAKROL™ T-209 Dual Output Tens Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massager

Medium frequency physiotherapy is a Kind of treatment method ‘from external treatment” It worths through meridians, acupoints.It passes through the micro Computer controlled low wave simulation of Chinese medicine acupuncture, scraping, cupping, massage techniques, Through the human body meridian system conditioning the whole body, play through the meridian and Qi and blood, then strong body

Rated Voltage:4.5V
Rated Power:0.15W
Rated Working Time:5-30 Minute
Pulse intensity: 15 levels

Method of application
1.Open the battery cover,follow the direction indicated,correctly insert the No.3.5 battery and close the battery cover.
2.Please insert the wire plug into the output socket L of the physiotherapy instrument,and the other end is correct with the physiotherapy slippers or physiotherapy patches .Connection.
3.Please put you feet on physical therapy shoes at the same time or paste the patch on the area where physiotherapy is needle(the part that requires physiotherapy )Please clean it first.
4.Long press Open key(upper left side of product )Open massage
5.This machine is equipped with hammer,massage,kneading,tapping,scrapping.fingering,and eight physiotherapy modes in automatic mode. Free to choose according to individual needs.
6.6.This machine is equipped with physical therapy for shoulder,knee,hands and feet ,legs ,ect,it can be used according to personnel needs.By choice.
7.7.Strength +i s the massage strength control key.which can be regulated by the country according to individual needs,if this machine No load detected ,5SEC turn off,When the speed button is attached.the Si stupid D bit on the LCD display Sets the indicator for the intensity file position of 1-15.
8.When the product is working .please paste both side of the physiotheraphy label firmly at the same time to prevent
8.detection of light or no load Hats+
9.9.Press the key machine to stop working.
10.10This machine has a 15-30 minute automatic shut down function.The LED screen “time” randomly displays the remaining working hours when the LED screen is used .The screen shows”0″time and the machine automatically stops working.
Dual Output Tens Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massager EMS Muscle Stimulator 8 Modes Meridian Physiotherapy Apparatus Massager Family Essential Care Massage Instrument


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