TAKROL TKL-B03 Upper Arm Sphygmomanometer

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TAKROL™ TKL-B03 Upper Arm Sphygmomanometer

Sphygmomanometer Correct operation steps:
①Put your elbows on the table
② Keep the armband at the same height as the heart
③Don’t get clothes into the armband
④The palm of the hand is up, the body is relaxed and straight
Ideal environment for blood pressure measurement:①When you wake up in the morning and feel calm and relaxed
②When there is no need to urinate
③About 20 degrees Celsius at room temperature
④Quiet, no noise place around.

Sphygmomanometer Features:
1. Intelligent automatic compression and decompression
2. Simultaneous measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse
3. Simple operation, just press the switch button to test
4. Store 99 sets of measured value memories
5. Can check single or all measured values
6. Three-minute automatic power-off power saving device
7. Intelligent debugging device, automatic detection of power
8. Large digital LCD screen 9. High accuracy
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1 review for TAKROL TKL-B03 Upper Arm Sphygmomanometer

  1. Wali

    The appearance is really beautiful, it is very convenient to use, better than expected

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