TAKROL HQ-068 Massage Bra Breast Massager

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TAKROL™ HQ-068 Massage Bra Breast Massager
Name Breast Massager
Model HQ-068
Color Option Pink(Can Be Customized)
Material ABS
Dimension(cm) 10*7.5*2.5cm
Package 23.4*14.9*4.9cm
Size/Carton(pcs) 50*40*48cm
Qty/Carton(pcs) 100
Function Beat,Swat,Touch,Rhythm Induction,Speed sensing,Intensity sensing
Accessories 1 * Breast Massaging Machine
1 * Breast Pads
1 * Cable
1 * Breast Cream
1 * User Manual 2* AAA NO.7
 Feature 1.Using high-tech micro-organisms act on the chest theory

2.Stimulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, awaken breast growth.

3.Increase the size of the breasts.

4.Promote puberty breast development.

5.Breast caused by breast-feeding recovery, deformation.

6.Simple operation, easy to use, automatic shutdown, 8 kinds of massage.

7.Easy to carry and store.

8.Adhere to the daily use of 5 to 15 minutes (1-2 times).

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