Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration Knowledge

Good day, what I want to talk about today is the calibration of the electronic blood pressure monitor.
Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration cycle:
Blood pressure monitor is an important instrument that provides clinical reference values for blood pressure. Electronic blood pressure monitors are the same as mercury blood pressure monitors (pressure gauges). In order to maintain accuracy, they need to be calibrated regularly. The calibration period is generally one year.

The factors that affect the accuracy of the measurement results of the electronic blood pressure monitor are:

⒈The first generation (mechanical fixed speed exhaust valve), due to the use of easily aging rubber valves, is usually considered inaccurate; this technology has been eliminated by mainstream electronic blood pressure monitor manufacturers;

2.The software of electronic sphygmomanometers from different manufacturers is completely different, and the stability and accuracy of the measurement results are also quite different;

3.Not calibrated or regularly calibrated due to the above reasons;

4.Improper use method: The correct method of use is to keep the cuff (or wristband, ring) and the heart at the same level during the test, and pay attention to sitting still and emotionally stable…;

5.The reasons for inappropriate people or inappropriate occasions are the same as above. If you have any knowledge about electronic blood pressure monitors, please leave a message below.

Well, today’s knowledge about the calibration of electronic blood pressure monitors is introduced here. Next time I will continue to talk about the precautions for the use of the blood pressure monitor.

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