Precautions for Using Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

Good day, today I will talk about the precautions for using an electronic blood pressure monitor.

Generally speaking, pay attention to buying a good brand of electronic blood pressure monitor, and pay attention to the above points, then the measurement results of the electronic blood pressure monitor still have a certain reference value.
1.The bottom of the cuff should be 1 to 2 cm above the elbow socket of the arm
2.Wrong cuffs measurement results are different from time to time

3.Mercury blood pressure monitors require users to have professional training and use it with a stethoscope, so it is not very convenient for families.

Sometimes inaccurate measurement results are actually caused by improper use of patients.
For example, some citizens do not know the correct position of wearing a blood pressure monitor cuff, so the results of each blood pressure measurement are different. In fact, whether it is a mercury sphygmomanometer or an electronic sphygmomanometer, the bottom of the cuff should be 1 to 2 cm above the elbow socket of the arm. Some patients wear the cuff too high or too low, and the pressure has changed when the blood flow passes through these places, and the measurement results are of course not accurate.

In addition, some electronic sphygmomanometer cuffs can be used in a range of 22 to 32 cm, but some users have arm circumferences larger or smaller than the applicable range of the cuff, so their blood pressure measurements may not be accurate. So be sure to configure a cuff of the right size and wear it in an accurate position.

On the other hand, it is also important to fix a time for blood pressure measurement every day. Some people measure their blood pressure, and if they get up early in the morning, they will be measured at noon the next day.

You know, the change of human blood pressure within a day is relatively large.

Strictly speaking, a person’s blood pressure is different at every moment, and it also changes with the person’s psychological state, time, season, temperature, and the measured location and body position. Therefore, the blood pressure measurement time should be fixed every day. The doctor recommended that the best time to measure blood pressure should be getting up early in the morning, when the person is in a resting state, which can more truly reflect the blood pressure level.

Well, today’s knowledge about the use of electronic blood pressure monitors is introduced here. Next time I will continue to talk about the difference between a mercury sphygmomanometer and an electronic sphygmomanometer.


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