TAKROL DS-8826 Face Shaping Massager


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TAKROL™ DS-8826 Face Shaping Massager

1. Open the battery box, install 2*AAA batteries, and then close the battery box.
*Pay attention to the positive and negative parts of the battery.

2. Installation of massage cushion
a. Choose the right massage cushion (the smaller one is on the larger one on the chin)
b. Please clean the treated part and keep it dry before use
c. Connect the massage cushion and the wire
d. Insert the cable into the device port
e. Remove the protective film from the massage mat and stick it on the tractor
f. Before starting, please confirm whether the 2 patches are correct in the treatment

3. Press the power button (ON) to start the device, and then press (menu) to select the working mode

4. After selecting the suit mode, continue to work

*The treatment cycle is 15 minutes. This consciousness wants to stop automatically after 15 minutes. If you stop within 15 minutes, please press the button (OFF) until the intensity/speed is the weakest, press the button (S/P), and then press the button (OFF) until the intensity/speed is the weakest. Finally, choose the continue button (close) to stop working.

5. Strength level selection
Press the button (menu), the default intensity value is the lowest. Press (on)/(off) to increase/decrease the intensity level

6. Speed level selection
Press (On)/(Off) to increase/decrease the speed level
*After adjusting the speed, if you need to adjust the intensity level, please press (S/P) once
*After adjusting the intensity level, if you need to adjust the speed level, please press (S/P) once

important hint:
Because other modes (~4) have good stimulating effects, they are not good for eye position. So when massaging the eye position and week, please select mode 1


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